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Unique Toronto law firm to focus on responsible use of AI technology.

As businesses across all industries collect vast quantities of personal information for artificial-intelligence applications, a unique law firm in Toronto wants to help them make the best use of that data without crossing legal or ethical boundaries.

Carole Piovesan left a senior role with McCarthy Tétrault LLP’s data and privacy group last March, teaming up with long-time health privacy lawyer Mary Jane Dykeman to start INQ Data Law. The pair met at a conference, bonded over their shared passion for the world of data policy, went for breakfast together and within 90 minutes decided to launch the firm.

Now, less than a year after its debut, INQ has recruited three other lawyers, including recent hire Noel Corriveau, who is leaving the federal government after a high-profile role developing AI policy at the Treasury Board. He will put that experience to work on one of the firm’s main areas of focus: Marketing a framework for the responsible use of AI technology.

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