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Global Privacy


Demand for personal information continues to grow. This presents unique opportunities and risks across your operations.


Our team appreciates the complexities of data, and brings a profound understanding of privacy law, data protection policies and ethics. We are also proficient in commercial imperatives on data uses. We help you strike the right balance between innovation and respect for privacy – we believe you can have both.

Our expertise spans the public and private sectors. We enable Canadian organizations to comply with privacy legislation, including internationally (e.g., GDPR).


Our services include:

  • Global data transfer/data sharing agreements

  • Compliance with privacy laws in Canada and Europe

  • Information governance and records management

  • Government and law enforcement data requests

  • Digital media privacy and CRM strategy


We help you innovate responsibly and with confidence


Data runs our world. It powers businesses and inspires innovation. It also presents new-found risks and challenges to organizations. To keep pace of this fast-changing field, INQ Law offers a multidisciplinary team of leaders across a range of data law practices. We also leverage complementary expertise from across our firm to help organizations ready to innovate responsibly and with confidence.


Together, we balance our decades of expertise and experience with our passion to stay on top of the industry’s latest developments in Canada and key jurisdictions around the world. We do this to support our clients that span small community organizations and emerging, high-growth start-ups to large, complex organizations. They represent a range of industries and sectors, and include private, public and non-profit organizations, including charities.  


We advise on

Global privacy   I   Freedom of information     Cyber preparedness     Incident response

Data governance   I   Artificial intelligence

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