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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) has profound and broad reaching potential for your business.

It can streamline processes, create operational efficiencies and breed a new generation of innovation for your organization. The technology is also rapidly evolving, as is the regulatory environment that supports it.


Our team is at the forefront of this fast-changing area of law. With deep expertise in AI law and policy, we are ready to guide you through exploring, investing and using artificial intelligence in your business. Our lawyers have advised governments, Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations and start-ups on the legal opportunities and risks that come with adopting AI. INQ has developed a proprietary AI risk assessment to offer clients an efficient, automated process for assessing AI risk and informing AI governance strategies.


Our services include:

  • AI governance

  • Algorithmic impact assessments

  • AI liability frameworks

  • AI policies, procedures, toolkits and guidelines

  • AI procurement policies 

  • AI vendor assessments

  • AI due diligence audits 

  • AI ethics training

For information about our integrated services, download our brochure: 

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