Forward Thinking

We stay on top of emerging trends so your business can seize the opportunities of today’s rapidly changing world.

Driven by curiosity

INQ lawyers go beyond current challenges to inquire, investigate and understand our clients, their industries and the issues that matter to them. The result?  Practical advice that drive our clients' goals.

Leading the way

INQ Law is a leading law firm in Canada, serving public, private and non-profit organizations.  Our team of passionate and experienced lawyers bring together their diverse perspectives and expertise to meet your legal needs in health, data, business law and beyond. 

Our team sets us apart

We bring together  years of working in diverse settings - from in-house counsel,  large law firms to government and its agencies to regulatory bodies. Our different experiences and perspectives fuel our commitment to excellence and grounds our approach to exceptional client services.

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Formerly DDO Health Law and INQ Data Law

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