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Unlocking Value from AI in Healthcare: A Conversation with Dr. Jeremy Petch

Get ready for a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Watch the video below as Carole Piovesan of INQ and Dr. Jeremy Petch from Hamilton Health Sciences discuss AI's immense transformative value to healthcare. During the conversation, Carole and Dr. Petch explore:

  • Operational strategies and approaches for bringing AI into clinical practice

  • How to design, develop, and deploy AI responsibly in a healthcare environment

  • Success stories: existing AI applications and case studies to learn from

  • Risk management strategies and empirical approaches to preserving fairness


Dr. Petch is the Director of Digital Health Innovation at Hamilton Health Sciences and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and McMaster University's Division of Cardiology. He is also the founder of CREATE, a multidisciplinary research and innovation team with expertise in health system operations, data and software engineering, data science, and interoperability.

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