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Noel Corriveau


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Noel is a senior counsel at INQ Law where he specializes in providing legal and ethical advice on the application of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI).


Prior to joining INQ, Noel served as counsel with the Federal Department of Justice for over 10 years. During this time, he was recognized as a leader in digital transformation, working closely with public sector leaders to leverage legal data assets to improve service delivery and process optimization. Noel was a special advisor on AI to the chief information officer of Canada within the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat where he led the development of foundational public policy instruments on AI. This included the Directive on the use of automated decision-making and the Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA) framework. In partnership with Public Procurement Services of Canada, Noel played a key role in developing new streamlined procurement processes for AI services, solutions and products for departments within the Government of Canada. Noel’s contributions awarded him the Deputy Minister Recognition Awards at both the Department of Justice and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. 


Noel continues to work in academia where his research focuses primarily on ethics, law and technology. He is particularly interested in questions pertaining to data-driven agency, responsibility and procedural fairness in the context of machine determinations. Noel is also a frequent speaker, panelist and guest lecturer at numerous conferences, both at the national and international level. Noel is currently a member of the IEC and ISO joint committee on Artificial Intelligence (SC 42).


Insights & Recognition

  • Co-author: For a Duty of Care in AI: Implications and Challenges (2021)

  • Co-author: Responsible use of Artificial Intelligence in the Government of Canada (2018)

  • Shortlisted for Remnants from the Digital Overground: International Science Fiction & Information Law Writing Competition hosted by the Institute for Information Law, University of Amsterdam (2018)

  • Co-author: Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (2017)



  • Legal Innovation Data Institute Board of Advisors (Member)

  • Canadian Bar Association (Member)

  • Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy (Member and Volunteer)